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About Us

Crosley Radio is an American company based in Louisville, Kentucky. The company was founded by Mr. Crosley in 1920 and was the first to produce radios that where affordable for the masses. Nowadays, besides radios, Crosley produces turntables with designs from the past but with the technology of today. The emphasis is on a portable suitcase model with built-in speakers and built-in amplifier, allowing the warm sounds of vinyl to be enjoyed everywhere.

Swordfish & Friend is the official importer of Crosley products in Europe. We have created a network of independent retailers which we supply with Crosley turntables. Above that, our webshop sells Crosley products to consumers directly throughout Europe. The heart of our business is a warehouse located in the Netherlands and we are able to supply our customers with Crosley products within 2-3 shipping days via GLS for most of Europe.

Swordfish & Friend Distributions

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